Our supervised visitation service is to provide the supervision of court ordered parent-child visitation rights, as well as to assist in the reintroduction of a parent into a child’s life. It also exists to serve as a prevention program. Regardless of the nature of the allegations involved in the custody litigation, RK Agency’s private investigators help children remain safe and secure, while still maintaining contact with the parents and family members they love. Parents can prevent revisiting disputes with former partners and escape conflict by avoiding direct confrontation with the other party involved in the litigation process. Children can avoid watching their parents continue the difficulties which may have been the cause for their separation in the first place; children stay out of the middle of the adult disputes which may also be continuing in the courthouse.

In order to meet needs of the families we serve in a cost-effective way, RK Agency offers three levels of supervised visitation, along with supervised exchanges for parents visiting without supervision.

Level 1 “Observational Supervision”

On-site visitation conducted by trained personnel.

Level 2 “Off Site Supervision”

Visits in child-friendly community locations, conducted by degreed and/or experienced professionals.

Level 3 “Interactive Supervision”

Visits that combine supervised visitation with active feedback from a mental health professional or specially trained supervisor (available upon request).

Level 4 “In-Home”

Supervised visits in-home.

Supervised Exchanges, Visitation Rights

Exchanges of children without parent contact. Independent confirmation of the time of the exchange and circumstances of the exchange are provided by RK Agency personnel.