RK Agency helps people get the information they need by performing ethical, professional investigations, which often involve investigators probe delicate personal matters requiring discretion and absolute confidentiality. RK Agency Investigations serves the needs of individuals in numerous capacities, including finding missing family members, establishing whether court orders are being followed, determining if a spouse is being faithful, and performing background checks on potential mates. Regardless of what your need is, our investigators have the experience, skills and resources to help you find the positive outcome for which you are looking.

Asset Investigations, Business Services

Using public and private databases, RK Agency can provide you with a comprehensive report detailing an individual or company background. We will report any assets associated with the subject, as well as close associates and other pertinent relationships. In the case of business services, we will also provide ownership information, the business structure and a business credit report if requested. In most cases, we can also provide information about vendors and clients and the status of their relationship to the business.

Background Checks

Whether it is someone you or a family member is dating, a nanny, a prospective business partner or even a building contractor, we can tailor a background check to anyone about whom you would like to know more. We provide you with the information you need to be safe, to make an informed decision and to feel confident about exactly with whom you are dealing. Our backgrounds can include: arrest records, business license information, age, alias(es), bankruptcy, federal civil or criminal cases, state and county cases, neighborhood profiles, phone numbers, corporate ownership, UCC filings, assets, sex offenders, vehicle ownership, driving records, domain name ownership, military background, inmate information and more.

Child Custody Cases

RK Agency investigators are experienced in many aspects of family law, one of them being child custody cases. We are able to use surveillance techniques to find out where children are being taken and how they are being treated when out of your care. We can also ascertain whether court orders are being followed and provide you with evidence necessary to support or disprove it, including providing court ordered supervised visitation. At RK Agency, we understand that each case is unique and personal, that’s why you will be treated with the utmost respect and receive total confidentiality. We will work with you to develop a strategy to ensure that you get the information and results using the most cost effective method—but most importantly, that the children’s needs, safety and welfare always come first.

Court Research & Document Retrieval

RK Agency is skilled in all facets of research—computer based or physical—and can retrieve documents from many courts and venues. If your need is out of our range or cost prohibitive, we have a network of researchers, investigators and experts to coordinate with to ensure that you get the information you need, quickly and cost effectively.

Infidelity Investigators

Alarming figures show that two out of every three marriages ends in divorce and a large percentage of those are related to adultery. Whether you are married or co-habiting, the investigators at RK Agency can help you ascertain what is really going on with your partner when they are not with you.
At RK Agency, you can trust that your situation will be treated with confidentiality, sensitivity and respect. We will provide you with established facts and information through the use of covert surveillance, so you can make an informed decision.

International Phone and People Search

If you are trying to locate someone, the investigators of RK Agency are skilled in foreign locates and familiar with protocols that will assist in getting you as much contact information as possible. In addition to utilizing public and private databases, RK Agency has established relationships with companies in many countries and often travel to work in the UK and Europe. When physical contact is necessary, we have associates available to act on our behalf.

Missing Persons/Witness Locates

The investigators at RK Agency are experienced in finding missing persons. Our in-depth research goes beyond basic internet searches utilizing public and private databases & applying physical investigation when needed. Extremely difficult cases may require more creative methods which we can tailor to your circumstances and to your budget.

Site & Relocation Reconnaissance

The investigators at RK Agency are experienced in finding missing persons. Our in-depth research goes beyond basic internet searches; we utilize public and private databases applying physical investigation when needed. Extremely difficult cases may require more creative methods which we can tailor to your circumstances.

Surveillance Detective Agency

RK Agency investigators are well-trained and equipped to handle complex surveillance operations utilizing state of the art equipment, including night vision, GPS tracking, wireless recording equipment and digital and optical photo and video equipment. Proper planning and preparation are key, and we work closely with each client to understand the desired outcome. In turn our detective agency applies the most efficient techniques to fit each case. Each surveillance is conducted to the highest standards using lawful and ethical techniques so that evidence obtained is presentable in court. As with every case yours will be given special attention and treated with respect and complete confidentiality.

Travel & Immigration Investigations

With in-depth experience in international investigations, the RK Agency is uniquely skilled to help clients navigate these intricate processes and provide much needed research and information to avoid unnecessary delays. Whether you are planning a business or personal trip, a company needing to apply for work visas for employees, or trying to move countries—RK Agency can help.