It is clear that there is a drug epidemic in our country. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be on the rise without a clear end in sight. It’s been a battle for more than a decade, and the issue is finally receiving some proper attention. Instead of continuing to brush drug addiction under the rug as a “personal problem,” people are coming together to find resolutions. We are proud to see our politicians working together to make a difference. We are inspired by these efforts, which is why we continually offer our K9 dog drug searches in Fort Worth. Every bit of help makes a difference to a drug addict who is potentially facing overdose.

House Passes Bills to Combat Opioid Abuse (Real Clear Politics)

Thankfully there is cooperation between both Republicans and Democrats when talking about the drug epidemic.

A few weeks ago 18 pieces of legislation passed through the House that address the incredible drug problem in the United States. The last of these pieces received an overwhelming 400-5 supportive vote.

If President Obama signs the legislation that recently passed through both the House and the Senate, then our country will notice many beneficial changes for the drug crisis:

  • Increased number of advocacy groups, patients, medical officials, and federal agencies who will work to regulate painkiller prescription guidelines
  • Help for pregnant mothers who face addiction
  • Resources for drug education
  • Increased naloxone access (naloxone reverses overdose effects)
  • Bring together communities who have been torn apart by the drugs
  • Grants for local and state governments to boost drug enforcement officers
  • Improved addiction and treatment resources and facilities

Altogether, we can’t do this unless we all work together. If you need some help determining if a friend, family member, student, or coworker is using drugs, please hire our K9 dogs for a thorough drug search. It will make a difference.