1. Drug Overdose Awareness In Pop Culture

    Drug overdose is a terrifying national problem. It’s an epidemic, and it’s on the rise. Unfortunately, some people using drugs can slide under the radar. Others see drugs come into a friend’s or family member’s life, overtaking them day by day. In an effort to stop this drug epidemic in Fort Worth, our team of investigators use K9 dogs for private drug searches. What we do alerts our minds…Read More

  2. Drug Overdose Warrants Bipartisan Cooperation

    It is clear that there is a drug epidemic in our country. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be on the rise without a clear end in sight. It’s been a battle for more than a decade, and the issue is finally receiving some proper attention. Instead of continuing to brush drug addiction under the rug as a “personal problem,” people are coming together to find resolutions. We are proud to see…Read More

  3. The Terrifying Drug Epidemic In Our Country

    For the past decade and a half, our country has struggled with a drug overdose epidemic. It began with prescription painkillers that, at first, unknowingly caused addiction. Then, as people began to notice the harmful effects of painkiller abuse and started to crack down on the supply, heroin became the drug of choice. Today, there are many drugs on the market that cause more people to die of over…Read More

  4. K9 Drug Search Service to be highlighted on CBS-11 News

    RK Agency was recently approached by CBS-11 to discuss it’s K9 Narcotic Service. The featured item went live tonight promoting the benefits of our residential search service to those parents who are concerned about their childs suspected involevment with drugs. The K9 service is a privately operated program, where a trained dog and handler come to the home and provide a complete sweep of the are…Read More

  5. RK Agency K9 Narcotic search service

    If you’re going to trust a private investigation firm, isn’t it prudent to make sure that the agency has a commitment to staying up-to-date on their advanced certification and informed as to best industry practices? RK Agency absolutely has that dedication, and as part of that responsibility has just recently attended the TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators) Conference in San Ant…Read More